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Lending Hands for Better Future

Company Profile:

Him Tech, Inc. has been primarily established with social consciousness to provide IT placement services to all Nepalese professional across the United States. We invite all the professionals from across the United States with any kind of IT related experience or education or both.

We welcome professionals like Business Analyst, Project Manager, Developers, QA, QA Lead, Developer, ERP, and other IT related professionals. We are approaching anyone with such skills across the Unites States. At Him Tech, we believe in our core principle and aim which is socially conscious for our society and people. The core strength of Him Tech is to provide solution to every professional who are struggling in this country despite their talent and expertise.

In alliance with Sunsoft Corp, Inc., Established since 1995, Him Tech, Inc. with the concept of providing placement services, continues to set the bar with a persistent focus on the quality and business expertise of its consultants. Our focus, as simply stated, is to be a trusted and gain long-term partnership with each of professional consultants. We achieve this by working hand in hand to provide effective training, placement, proper compensation and required legal services for the best of our professionals and support them with timely assistance with industry expertise during the assignment.


At Him Tech we believe in our core principle – “Lending Hands For Better Future”. The core strength of Him Tech is to timely use our company’s people, infrastructure, expertise, and Human Networking for the better future of our professionals. The Company’s portfolio in alliance with Sunsoft Corp includes Software services, consulting, implementations and electronic commerce applications.

Growth Trends In This Business

US census show the annual IT Consultancy jobs are at the average growth of 23% from Asian Countries of the overall IT staffing job in the USA. Our ANA statistics shows that since 2000, annual growth of Nepalese studying graduate college or undergraduate studies is increasing by approximately 30% since past 3 years where as coming to the USA on immigrant or non immigrant VISA is increasing by approximately 12%.Trend shows that Nepalese students, either pursuing higher education or graduates, or permanent residents are seeking career in IT sector.
Nepalese Embassy in the United states shows, on average the annual growth of student pursuing higher education is the USA is increasing at the rate of 10%, where as student graduating across these 25 states are at the rate of 6%, further the graduates on CPT & OPT, looking for employment by relying on IT placement consultancy are at the average growth of 60%, same is true for all other professional with immigrant status are dependent of IT Consultancy at the rate of 75%. This shows that there is a need of IT Consultancy that will focus mainly on IT Professional Immigrant and non-immigrant from Nepal.

Pricing Power

This section details on our unique qualities, service and core competencies that made us proudly announce us as one of the first IT consultancies which are for the socially conscious for the Nepalese community and people living in the US.

Our trends shows, an average Nepalese graduates on CPT/OPT pay more than couple thousands dollars of his own hard earn money from somewhere else to get trained and marketed for employment, where as professional immigrants who requires training for employment pays just a little bit less than figured amount stated above, but the trends is completely different for the fresh graduates who are seeking employment along with worker’s visa status; they end up paying money for training as well as legal fee for changes of status.

How do We Plan to Take Advantage of Competitors Weak Points

The following are the core competency of our business in alliance with Sunsoft Corp:

Immediate Legal service offered for status change
Training fees waiver or reduction based on experience and company’s policy
Legal service fee waiver or reduction based on job performance and company’s policy

The Vision and the People

At Him Tech, Inc. we believe in the principle, innovation through for Nepalese community. The core strength of Him Tech, Inc. is to provide high quality cost effective employment solutions for our people.
We are committed to provide top of the class service that our IT professionals do not have to seek any other alternative for employment solutions and we have the realism to make inevitable hard choices to accomplish the effort by partnering with Top 3 IT Software Company of Nepal for any gap fulfillment.

Business Organization

Him Tech, Inc. has been incorporated in MA, USA constituting 3 member’s partnership business organization. Initially, it has been incorporated as small business tying up with our alliance companies for Training and placement of prospective job seekers in IT field. As the demand grows, company will grow to a mid-size and eventually into a large company.

There are 5 active founding members of this business who are directly or indirectly related to IT fields or have extensive experience in aforementioned field.

Founding Members

The following are some brief work experience of these members which is essential for running this business smoothly and efficiently.

Raj Sarraf: Mr. Sarraf has hands of experience with IT staffing industry as well as has work with several fortune 500 companies in the past Such as, Verizon Wireless, Synchronoss Technologies, and Charter Communication. Mr. Raj Sarraf has acquired Computer Engineering degree from TU Nepal and MBA from University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT. He has been living in US since past 6 years. With vision of providing a quality IT services primarily to Nepalese community residing throughout the United State, he along with his 2 other partners have established Him Tech, Inc early this year. Mr. Sarraf primarily works as a System Business Analyst consultant. He has worked for several fortune 500 companies like; Verizon, Charter, Synchronoss and one of the largest privately held logistics company, New Breed Logistics in NC as well as he has hands on experience with IT Staffing industry. As a System Business Analyst since 3 years and with experience in IT recruiting industry for more than a year, Mr. Sarraf has foreseen the necessity of an IT consulting firm, and thus has initiated the concept of Him Tech, Inc as a socially conscious firm hoping to be first of its kind intended to serve the Nepalese community in the USA.

Prashim Poudyal: Mr. Poudyal is experience to perform a task in project management field as well as has hands on experience with financial companies.

Shiva Neupane: Mr. Neupane is also an entrepreneur who has been running and operating several small businesses across the united state and is a member of several Nepalese community of the USA.


In alliance with Sunsoft, we train you to gain thoughtful leadership to leverage the power of technology for better business solutions, bridge the gap between disparate systems, between disparate technologies. Investment in advanced strategic research and analysis on industry focused, emerging technologies helps us build competencies, components, frameworks, & solutions and develop best practices and higher standards around them.

Our alliance company Sunsoft Corp, Inc. has established strong relationships based on trust with customers, partners, prime and third party vendors and employees since 1995. In alliance with Sunsoft Corp, our total Customer focus, Commitment to quality, multi-technology expertise is how our customers describe us. Our superior project management skills, extensive experience in managing multi-location development combined with continuous process improvement efforts, dedicated practice groups, technology and industry experts constantly thrive to bring greatest value to the customer.

E-Commerce Plans

Beside more than 40 Nepali community based websites Worldwide; the Him Tech, Inc advertisement can also be found on the following domains promoting our services: